Fremont Community Schools - Solar Farm


EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


Fremont Community Schools

Services Provided

  • Solar array 
  • Power distribution
  • Net metering 
  • LED lighting 
Aeriel view of solar farm at Fremont Community School

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest (ECS Midwest) constructed a state-of-the-art
solar array and energy system for Fremont Community Schools (Fremont).

The six-acre solar farm can produce up to 1.8 megawatts of direct current (MWdc)
power which is approximately enough energy to power Fremont’s elementary, middle,
and high school buildings.

Fremont will lease the solar equipment for 20 years at a rate nearly equivalent to their
current electricity bill, while garnering potential cost-savings through net
metering—receiving compensation for any excess power returned to their local grid.

Additionally, our lighting retrofit within their buildings, helped lower Fremont’s energy
bills and provided them a $45,000 rebate. In total, Fremont is estimated to receive $6.2
million in realized and avoided costs over 25 years.

Client Objectives

Switching to a solar farm demonstrated Fremont’s commitment to environmental sustainability. They needed their investment to prove the fiscal responsibility of their green energy initiative. They not only wanted the project to produce significant cost savings for the school district, they needed a high-tech, environmentally-friendly solar array installed before the beginning of the regular school year.


ECS Midwest utilized high-end Tier 1 panels for efficiency, durability, and warranty life,
and to help optimize functionality and operational longevity. The array powers three
school buildings operating via two electrical services, which required ECS Midwest to
work closely with Fremont’s local electrical distribution company.

We also installed underground feeders connecting the farm to the electrical services and display kiosks in each school building. These kiosks present information on the solar farm’s energy production and the school system’s consumption, creating a unique opportunity for hands-on education about clean-energy technology. During the project, ECS Midwest delivered:

  • 5,616-panel solar farm featuring Tier 1 panels
  • 1.8 MWdc power to three separate facilities
  • Net metering capabilities
  • Solar racking system designed for increased compatibility
  • Multiple system kiosks for educational purposes
  • 3,348 high-efficiency LED retrofit kits

Client Background

Fremont Community Schools is an independent school district serving approximately
1,000 students in three schools within Steuben County, Indiana.