Each of our five core offerings—Energy Solutions, Commission/Recommissioning, Building Operations, Water/Wastewater, and Progressive Design-Build—are designed to keep facilities, schools, and municipalities/governments functioning at high-performance levels, while also enabling a variety of flexible budget-management alternatives.


  • Guaranteed Savings Contracts (GSCs) reduce energy costs without impacting budgets
  • A wide range of pricing and design options to consider
  • Cash flow analysis weighs interest and financing costs against projected savings—complete transparency
  • Improve system design and functionality
  • Refine control systems’ programming
  • Various system-enhancing maintenance procedures
  • Right size maintenance staff for maximum efficiency and economy
  • Bundle ECS Midwest's professional services to maximize savings
  • Let ECS Midwest handle staffing decisions
  • Free up general fund dollars

Additional Services

  • Capital lease
  • Customized training programs
  • Debt services/bonds
  • Design-build
  • Planned maintenance
  • Strategic business solutions
  • Value engineering
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