About Us

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EMCOR Construction Services Midwest (ECS Midwest) helps schools, governments, and other public organizations save energy and money by identifying areas where innovative efficiency-improvement measures can be taken.

By combining our knowledge of school budgets and financing with our end-to-end facilities systems expertise, we work with clients—through our guaranteed energy savings contracts—to help them get the most from every dollar they spend.

Since 1995, we’ve collaborated with school administrators and building officials on more than 130 guaranteed energy-savings projects worth over $200 million. On each of those projects, we followed a proven process whereby we go inside schools and other buildings to analyze and audit equipment, utility data, energy usage, occupation density, ventilation requirements, after-hour usage, and a number of other factors, in an effort to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs), and physical system problems that can be addressed to become more energy efficient.

Our experts track work progress, monitor budgets, and ensure on-time project delivery, all while maintaining exceptional site safety.

Our services — virtually all of which we self-perform — extend from one end of the facility lifecycle to the other, and encompass nearly every type of project, from HVAC installation to lighting retrofits to the installation of energy-efficient exterior renovations. We offer the consistently reliable, high-performance services needed to reduce energy consumption and costs, enable more precise system control and management, and ensure a continuous return on every facilities investment.