Columbia City, IN

Whitley County Jail


EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


Whitley County Jail

Services Provided

  • HVAC
  • Building automation systems 
  • Lighting 
Exterior view of entrance of Whitley County Jail

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest updated HVAC, building automation systems, and lighting for Whitley County Jail. Additionally, we also provided grant writing services that helped secure hundreds of thousands of dollars to put towards the cost of the installations. 

The completed project will help conserve energy throughout the facility and is projected to cut annual energy expenses by up to 20 percent. 

Client Objectives

The client wanted to renovate their mechanical and lighting systems in order to reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and replace equipment that had passed its useful life. To do so, they needed a contractor not only capable of performing the work, but also familiar with state and federal funding mechanisms that could help finance the project.  


During the project, we completed the following: 

  • Performed lighting retrofit featuring T8 lamps, electronic ballast, and a reflector kit for increased output 
  • Replaced chilled water pumps and a failed compressor 
  • Installed high-efficiency fan motors for air handling unit 
  • Updated exhaust fan systems 
  • Replaced pneumatic control system with cutting-edge direct digital control (DDC) temperature system, featuring:
    • Web-based platform for remote access 
    • New DDC controllers, sensors, and peripheral devices for HVAC and central heating and cooling plant 
    • Demand ventilation utilizing C02 sensors 

Client Background

Whitley County is a rural county located in northeast Indiana with a population of roughly 35,000.