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Jasper County


EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


Jasper County

Services Provided

  • HVAC
  • Temperature controls 
  • Building controls  
Exterior view of Jasper County courthouse

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest provided a full HVAC, lighting, and controls system upgrade at Jasper County’s jail, as well as a controls system upgrade at their courthouse. 

The upgrades included the replacement of the jail’s costly electric heating system with a new, more efficient hot water system that will help significantly cut energy expenses. Additionally, the temperature controls upgrades at both facilities make it easier to monitor and adjust their systems, further promoting energy efficiency. 

The project is projected to generate annual savings of $125,067 at the jail and 39,875 at the courthouse. Over the contract duration, total savings are expected to be $1,107,719. 

Client Objectives

The County knew their jail’s HVAC system was far out of date and wanted to update the antiquated equipment to a modern, more efficient system. Additionally, they wanted to upgrade the controls at their courthouse in order to better manage utility expenses, while also having more individualized control over areas within the facility.   


During the project, we provided a complete temperature controls replacement and upgrade for the courthouse. At the jail, our scope of work included:

  • Variable refrigerant flow system 
  • Back draft dampers 
  • Conversion from electrical heat to hot water heat 
  • Return, exhaust, and relief duct modifications
  • Boiler addition 
  • Integration of boiler to building management system  
  • Trend controls system replacement 
  • Variable air volume box retro-commissioning 
  • Communications bus replacement 
  • High-intensity discharge lighting retrofit 
  • Security electronics additions 

Client Background

Jasper County is located in the northwest corner of Indiana and is home to over 33,000 residents.