EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


Fort Wayne Transit Authority

Services Provided

  • HVAC
  • Lighting controls
  • Building envelope improvements
View of Citilink buses parked

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services (ECS) Midwest’s Base Energy Design provided a 14.4 percent reduction in utility costs for Citilink in the first year after the design—a total of $16,540.00 in fully optimized energy savings. Over the 15-year term with annual guaranteed savings of $70,238.00, a total of $1,053,570.00 was saved toward the initial
cost of construction for the Base Energy Project. So far, the initial construction cost (ICC) has been offset by 32.5 percent in energy savings.

Client Objectives

Citilink was looking for water and energy audits to aid in developing an efficiency and performance improvement project that would meet their current and future needs, deliver cost payback, and improve performance.


The Base Energy Project included replacements and upgrades to Citilink’s main office building, maintenance garage, and “bus barn.” This included the office, drivers’lounge, and wash bay. ECS Midwest installed a new HVAC system, lighting, controls,and overall building envelope improvements, which included window, door, and roofing upgrades.

Client Background

Citilink is a service of the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation and provides fare-based transportation to a population of over 218,000 in the Fort Wayne, IN, metropolitan area. Annual passengers are nearing 2 million, which, consequently, is approximately equal to the number of total miles driven yearly by Citilink passenger vehicles.