South Chicago Heights, IL

South Chicago Heights


EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


South Chicago Heights

Services Provided

  • Water meter replacements
  • Advanced metering infrastructure
South Chicago Heights water tower

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest replaced water meters with a new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network for South Chicago Heights. 

The old system was plagued by constant water leaks, leading to significant revenue losses. The new system eliminated roughly 90-percent of the water loss. Ultimately, the savings generated by this water conservation are projected to cover the cost of the upgrades.

Client Objectives

The municipality was losing revenue on one out of every three gallons of water they purchased due to leaks. Their primary goal for the project was to reduce water loss and recover revenue. Additionally, they wanted to update faulty and inaccurate reading equipment, which was resulting in dissatisfaction from homeowners.


We implemented a fixed-based AMI network equipped with leak detection and site identification that was integrated with new automated billing software. In the process, we replaced approximately 2,000 water meters.

Additionally, after installation was complete, we provided training on the new smart meters for municipal employees.

Client Background

Located in Cook County, IL, South Chicago Heights has a population of just over 4,000 residents.