Bourbon, IN

Henry County


EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


Henry County

Services Provided

  • Commissioning
  • Mechanical system upgrades
  • Building controls
  • Security systems
Entrance view of Henry County's courthouse building

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest provided commissioning services, mechanical system upgrades, and other energy related capital improvements for Henry County’s courthouse building—all aimed at helping save energy and lower costs. 

By implementing these energy conservation measures, the county is projected to save $160,479 each year over the next 10 years for a projected total savings of $1,604,790.

Client Objectives

Henry County was seeking a reliable mechanical services provider to help them reduce energy consumption, minimize operational and maintenance costs, and improve infrastructure and building security at their courthouse.


During the project, we completed the following:

  • Replaced roof with 50-year synthetic slate roofing 
  • Installed new steam boiler 
  • Replaced three hot water boilers with new condensing boilers 
  • Replaced one chiller 
  • Replaced security and CCTV systems

Client Background

With a population of roughly 47,000, Henry County encompasses a number of small towns, as well as the city of New Castle.