Hartford City, IN

Blackford County Courthouse and Jail


EMCOR Construction Services Midwest


Blackford County Courthouse and Jail

Services Provided

  • Building Automation
  • Construction Services
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
Exterior view of the Blackford Courthouse & Jail

Value Delivered

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest self-performed a wide range of renovation/retrofit work at the Blackford County Courthouse and Blackford County Jail. 

We helped to resolve several major issues, including temperature and humidity problems caused by old HVAC systems that were improperly zoned and sized. Our single-source capabilities contributed to reducing overall project costs.

Our solutions allowed Blackford County to realize annual operational, maintenance, and energy savings of $205,397, which was enough to pay back the project costs in just over three years. Overall, our comprehensive services helped to improve the comfort, productivity, and longevity of these valuable county investments.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to reduce energy consumption and costs, while correcting operational and structural issues, by updating and renovating lighting, temperature control, and other systems.


Our comprehensive solutions included:

  • Replacing inefficient heat pumps with new, high-efficiency units
  • Replacing stand-alone HVAC controls with a direct digital control system providing high-performance control sequences to optimize the heat pump loop system
  • Modifying heat pump loop piping to improve winter control of the loop temperature and eliminate wasted energy due to year-round use of the fluid cooler
  • Renovating a supplemental boiler system to include four high-efficiency condensing boilers
  • Replacing T12 lighting and magnetic ballasts with energy-efficient T8 fixtures and electronic ballasts
  • Installing low-flow, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant fixtures In courthouse restrooms
  • Installing low-flow showerheads In jail shower stalls
  • Performing renovations required to resolve drainage issues
  • Replacing an exhaust system to eliminate high humidity levels that were contributing to the deterioration of the masonry in the cell block restrooms

Client Background

The Blackford County Courthouse is a historic building in the Courthouse Square Historic District in Harford City, Indiana. Blackford County Jail is a medium-security detention center overseen by the Blackford County Sheriff's Department.