Solar Services

View of a solar power panels

EMCOR Construction Services Midwest (ECS Midwest) offers a full range of solar services, including consulting, installation, and maintenance, designed to help clients take full advantage of today’s most popular source of renewable energy.

Our expert solar consultants work with clients to specify their energy requirements and create customized strategies that meet power and budget needs. Then, in partnership with leading-edge manufacturers, ECS Midwest designs solar solutions that meet even the most rigid quality standards.

Expert Solar Energy Advice and Long-Term Partnerships

ECS Midwest helps schools, governments, and other public organizations save energy and more by identifying areas where innovative efficiency-improvement measures can be taken.

Solar is a long-term investment and clients need a reliable, long-term partner to guide them through the installation process and beyond. Our services—virtually all of which we self-perform—extend from one end of the facility lifecycle to the other, helping our clients get the energy needed for efficient facility operation while maintaining comfort through environmentally friendly solar power at a lower cost.

Custom, Cost-Saving Energy Solutions

By combining our knowledge of school budgets and financing with our end-to-end facilities systems expertise, we work with clients—through our guaranteed energy savings contracts—to help them get the most from every dollar they spend.

Services Include:

  • Project development
  • Site feasibility studies
  • System design and energy simulations
  • Rate analysis and savings calculations
  • Project economics
  • Provide tax credit and rebate estimates
  • Project financing solutions
  • Utility interconnection
  • Design-Build project construction
  • Ongoing system monitoring and maintenance