Guaranteed Savings. Guaranteed Learning.

Explore the benefits of guaranteed energy savings contracts in creating guaranteed learning environments in schools.

Our long list of projects shows just how beneficial guaranteed energy savings contracts are in creating guaranteed learning environments in schools. And while saving money and becoming more energy efficient are certainly two enormous benefits of these programs, they aren’t the only ones.

Our primary goal is to create an enhanced learning and teaching environment.

Our process is designed to identify the necessary improvements that will have an immediate positive impact, manage efficient implementation of those improvements, and regularly communicate progress and results to all stakeholders.

Minimal disruption to the learning environment is an essential measure of our success.

Therefore, a majority of work will occur while school is out of session when we can maximize time and resources. When this is not possible due to schedule constraints, work will proceed within the learning environment while constantly maintaining a safe and secure work site.

We are addressing today’s concerns while planning for long-term sustainability.

In addition to creating a comfortable learning environment today, the energy efficiencies that are derived from these projects are essentially green in nature. (At a time of heightened social responsibility, we encourage the school to explore learning opportunities that harnesses the current concerns of energy costs, global warming, and a healthy planet.)

The School Corporation is getting a turnkey solution

By bundling the costs of development, financing, engineering, construction, and support services into one package—and managing these from a single point of responsibility—the entire process is simplified.

All aspects of work performed will be value driven and competitively priced.

Simply stated, the school corporation gets the most value at the best price. What’s more, our organization is backed by a bonding capacity that is unsurpassed in the industry.

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