Guaranteed Savings Contracts

View of school entranceWith our Guaranteed Savings Contracts (GSCs), EMCOR Construction Services Midwest helps schools save energy and money by identifying areas where innovative efficiency-improvement measures can be taken.

Unparalleled Educational Facility Expertise

Since 1995, we have collaborated with school administrators and building officials on more than 150 guaranteed energy-savings projects worth nearly $300 million.

Our primary goal is to create an enhanced learning and teaching environment; therefore, we have designed a process that identifies improvements that will have an immediate positive impact, manage efficient implementation of those improvements, and regularly communicate progress and results to all stakeholders.

Proven Savings Approach

We’ve developed a three-step approach that identifies areas where energy efficiency can be improved, and then shows customers how to use those energy savings to pay for their project.

Step 1: Audit & Analysis

We start by entering a facility and performing a full building analysis and audit. Our audits take into account entirety of your facility environment, including:

  • Equipment
  • Utility data
  • Energy usage
  • Occupation density
  • Ventilation requirements
  • After-hours usage

Before moving to phase two, we provide clients a cash flow analysis that weighs interest and financing costs against the savings these measures will generate.

Step 2: Execution

During execution, our technicians perform a range of system and facility-enhancing procedures, including:

  • Recommissioning of inefficient building systems
  • Replacement of defective or inefficient parts
  • Organization of subcontractors
  • System design improvement
  • Refinement of control systems

Scheduling is flexible, allowing clients to phase in projects by priority, need, and budget realities. Budgeting is also flexible, allowing for capital improvement funds to be reserved for short-term needs, financed, and then repaid over a 20-year period.

Step 3: Maintenance & Support

In the final step, we provide maintenance and support through a Building Operations Services (BOS) contract.

Designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency, a BOS lets us take responsibility for all staffing decisions, which frees up valuable general fund dollars. We assess your facility’s actual workload, right size maintenance staff for maximum efficiency and economy, and tailor efficiency improvement measures to your needs.

Benefits Designed for Educational Facilities

Beyond efficiency and cost savings, GSCs offer a range of other advantages that are tailored to educational institutions, including:

  • Minimal disruptions to learning environments
  • Designed with long-term sustainability and environmental stewardship in mind
  • Turnkey solutions from a single point of responsibility
  • Value-driven, competitively-priced work
  • Virtually unsurpassed bonding capability
  • Reinvestment opportunities for core learning assets
  • Less time spent managing subcontractors